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Action Print Groups

Not all action prints are the same, recently we have had a flood of group requests and here is an example of a before and after group action treatment.


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Email Change Notification

Email Change Notification

Old ROES end of life

This Friday October 9th, the old version of ROES will be disabled and will no longer open from the shortcut. You will need to update to the new versions of our ROES client. We have split the old ROES system into 3 new clients, this has helped with speed of ordering and much less overhead for your computer.

You will need to rebuild your packages in the new clients, nothing from the older system will work in the new ones. Building of packages and favorites is the same as it was in the older system, but should you need help or a refresher in how to build them feel free to call support with any questions, we will even pay for the call.

(800) 362-4441 – Toll free
(704) 391-2992 – 24 Hour
(704) 391-2902 – Fax

Or you can email support and we will get back to as soon as we can.

New ROES Clients Coming Soon

We have split our regular Volume/Wedding/Same Day/Economy Express/FTP Only ROES client into three different clients.

1. Volume will have Volume/Proofs/Metallic Proofs/Green Screen and FTP Only
2. Wedding will have Wedding•Seniors•Candid•Studio•Reorders/Proofs/Metallic Proofs/Green Screen and FTP Only
3. Quick Ship will have Same Day ROES/Economy Express and FTP Only

Sports & Events ROES will remain the same as it currently configured.

You will receive 3 new icons to your desktop if you open all three clients.

Volume ROES icon

Volume ROES icon

Quick Ship ROES icon

Quick Ship ROES icon

Wedding Senior ROES icon

Wedding Senior ROES icon

Feel free to call us with any questions, we will even pay for the call. (800) 362-4441 toll free

Email us for support:

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Review Order Screen Update

Review Order Screen

We have updated our review order screen to try and help make ordering easier and to help
catch mistakes before the order is submitted. Once the order is submitted we cannot make
changes to the order.

View of the entire order options set.

Studio Reference – Order ID, Part Number (in case of multiple part orders) Attach a Roster or Logo file and Due Date. Check the box to activate the calendar then choose the date you need the order in your hands.

Order Archival, Payment Info and a place to add a roster or other files to complete your order.

Packaging Options, Copyright Notice and Additional Shipping Information.

Shipping Method, Promo Codes and Order Review. You must type “YES” in the box to continue to submit your ROES order. Once the order is submitted we cannot make changes to the order.

UPress Product Creation (The Internals)

Once we pass the Kodak DP2 part of the product build we have to move into the Java programming portion of the templates and it’s associated options.  We take the Kodak DP2 text file and break it down into all of the different Image and text nodes if the template happens to have them.

I will attach an example of that here so you can see all of the different items and options from the back end.  We have been updating all the books templates in UPress over the last two weeks and the 8½x11 Church Directories are now uploaded and ready to go.  Open our Press client Upress and navigate to the Press Print Church Directory Books and then choose 8½x11 Church Directory Books.  We have added a lot of new covers and page options; right now there is 205 background images and 10 opacity settings from 100% ->10% in 10% steps down.  You can add your own images to the backgrounds, zoom, rotate and move into any position you need.

This first image is the folder that holds the DP2 templates (they are all text files at this point)

I drag the templates in the Java client and it shows me all of the bits and pieces.

This image shows all of the different pieces to just the cover page. It takes a lot to start up a new book.

This image shows the node and what all I have to do for it to knwo the font, size, color and what text should fill in the text node.

This image shows almost all of the background options for the new Church directories. We have been planning the upgrade for a while.


UPress Product Creation (The Begining)

Part 2 of UPress Product Creation

Here is a screen shot of the three stages of product creation. It all starts in a Kodak software program named DP2, here we build the product from a Photoshop© PSD file or just from the Height and Width.  I use the latter more often than not just because you can not always reproduce the same effects in DP2.  I will show you the beginning of the page and a few variations that can be built into the options of the products.  You can keep the plain white background or choose one of our textures with an opacity scale of 20%, 30% and 40%.  You can turn the images Black & White or Sepia Tone, add text boxes and even move some of the elements of the design; just remember to stay within the crop marks in UPress to ensure you do not crop any of the important data or images.  We always send a low res PDF proof for you to approve before we start printing anything.

DP2 Directory Opening Page
DP2 Directory Opening Page

DP2 Directory Opening Page with text and image

DP2 Opening Directory Page with text, image and 20% background

Click to see the whole file.

The "guts" of the product in Kodak DP2, click the image to see the whole file. It is pretty long.


UPress Product Creation

Hello everyone, I am adding new pages and options to the UPress book building software and thought it would be a little eye opening for everyone if I could show you all the steps involved and how we create and maintain all of our books products and services.  Over the next few posts I plan on adding screen shots of how we build the templates from start to finish.  I wont walk anyone thru all the testing once we upload our products to the test client, I do not have a web cam to show the gnashing of teeth when I forget to add something or I do not link something right.  I do want to show the backbone of both software packages and how they mesh to create a good looking book.  So to start the whole thing off I will post a screen shot of the Kodak DP2 software.  This is where all of our UPress products start and take shape.


UPress-Templates in DP2

UPress-Templates in DP2