UPress Product Creation (The Begining)

Part 2 of UPress Product Creation

Here is a screen shot of the three stages of product creation. It all starts in a Kodak software program named DP2, here we build the product from a Photoshop© PSD file or just from the Height and Width.  I use the latter more often than not just because you can not always reproduce the same effects in DP2.  I will show you the beginning of the page and a few variations that can be built into the options of the products.  You can keep the plain white background or choose one of our textures with an opacity scale of 20%, 30% and 40%.  You can turn the images Black & White or Sepia Tone, add text boxes and even move some of the elements of the design; just remember to stay within the crop marks in UPress to ensure you do not crop any of the important data or images.  We always send a low res PDF proof for you to approve before we start printing anything.

DP2 Directory Opening Page
DP2 Directory Opening Page

DP2 Directory Opening Page with text and image

DP2 Opening Directory Page with text, image and 20% background

Click to see the whole file.

The "guts" of the product in Kodak DP2, click the image to see the whole file. It is pretty long.


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