UPress Product Creation (The Internals)

Once we pass the Kodak DP2 part of the product build we have to move into the Java programming portion of the templates and it’s associated options.  We take the Kodak DP2 text file and break it down into all of the different Image and text nodes if the template happens to have them.

I will attach an example of that here so you can see all of the different items and options from the back end.  We have been updating all the books templates in UPress over the last two weeks and the 8½x11 Church Directories are now uploaded and ready to go.  Open our Press client Upress and navigate to the Press Print Church Directory Books and then choose 8½x11 Church Directory Books.  We have added a lot of new covers and page options; right now there is 205 background images and 10 opacity settings from 100% ->10% in 10% steps down.  You can add your own images to the backgrounds, zoom, rotate and move into any position you need.

This first image is the folder that holds the DP2 templates (they are all text files at this point)

I drag the templates in the Java client and it shows me all of the bits and pieces.

This image shows all of the different pieces to just the cover page. It takes a lot to start up a new book.

This image shows the node and what all I have to do for it to knwo the font, size, color and what text should fill in the text node.

This image shows almost all of the background options for the new Church directories. We have been planning the upgrade for a while.


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